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SUDx-Biotech was established as an university derived venture company in September 21, 2006 based on results of Pre-venture program "Practical Use of the Sugar Chip" financially helped by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (October 2003 - September 2006). In the program I worked as a leader to develop our Sugar Chip technology for the practical usage.

Sugar-chains with the size of the nanometer scale abundantly exists on the cell surface, and are responsible for many biological functions and play crucial roles in cellular binding and signaling, relating to viral infection or cancer. Sciences of sugar-chains are now one of the most important research subjects in life science for the next generation of post-genome research.  

For the research of sugar-chains at the molecular level, structurally defined sugar-chains are essential. However, it is not easy to obtain appropriate amount of structurally defined sugar-chains from natural source or by synthetic chemistry, which may prevent the progress of the research field. To solve the problem, we developed “Sugar Chip (SC)” and “Sugar-chain immobilized Gold-Nanoparticle (SGNP)”, in which structurally difined sugar-chains are immobilized on the gold coated glass slide (chip) or on the gold nano-particle. SUDx-Biotec commercializes these products. Also, just after the establishment, we have continued the research and development (R&D) by getting grants from Kagoshima Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture and JST. Through the R&Ds, we have already developed a novel diagnostic system for highly sensitive detection of viruses, and are developing a new electricity free diagnosis kits for viruses.

The concept of our business plan are:
 ・ Based on the Value Proposition for Contributing Public Health Care especially in the Developing Countries   with “Easy On-Site Diagnosis of Infectious or Local Diseases with no Electricity”
 ・ Increasing Profit by or Collecting Capitals for Salary of Staffs to perform R&D toward the “Easy Diagnosis   without Electricity” for the Next Three Years
 ・ Providing Products and Services for Basic Research and for Pet Market for the Next Three Years

Yasuo SUDA, Ph.D.
Founder, President and CSO, SUDx-Biotec Corp.
Professor, Kagoshima University

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